As little as 10 minutes a day of employee time "exaggeration" can cost you a lot of money. Let's calculate what Timeclock Guard can save you. Simply enter your data in the fields below:

minutes each day.
$ per hour.
Based on the information provided above, and after the cost of using it,

Timeclock Guard could save you $ {{((((main.minperday * main.daysperweek * main.weeksperyear) / 60) * main.hourlywage) * main.empcnt) - ((main.empcnt * main.tcgcostperemp * 12) + main.tcgcostperyear) }} per year.

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Eliminate time theft

Our biometric fingerprint scanner tracks time exactly and eliminates buddy punching. Calculate how much you can save in the calculator above.

Cloud based access

Connect to your timeclock data and view all your time clock information from anywhere in the world and from any internet device.

Upload Your Time

Send clock data direct to payroll processors like ADP and PayChex. Timeclock Guard also integrates with your work schedule.

Timeclock Guard Biometrics keeps employees honest

By clocking in with a fingerprint, you are absolutely certain there is no buddy punching happening in your store(s). No one can clock in or out for someone else. Only managers can easily modify time.

  • World's best performing fingerprint recognition.
  • Easy USB connection to any PC (no Mac at this time).
  • Fast read rates with low errors and accurate verification.
  • Reliable, 500dps fingerprint image high quality.
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Timeclock Guard

Timeclock Guard Beautiful on all devices

Use your mobile phone, tablets, or Windows computers to manage all of your employee clock data from anywhere. Clock an employee in or out. See who's at work, see who is missing. Your time is at your fingertips and control.

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Timeclock Guard Why a fingerprint reader is better

Sure, you could use a code or swiped card to clock in. Or take a picture of your employee when they clock in/out. But, those methods don't stop buddy punching and they take more of your valuable management time to control your employees. Here are the things to compare when looking at other time clock methods:

  • User codes: Allows anyone to clock in/out for anyone else. Not secure and hard to track.
  • Mag stripe cards: Better, but an employee can still give his card to another employee to clock them in or out.
  • Pictures on clock in/out: Takes your time: You have a picture of the employee doing a clock transaction. Now what? It's going to take you a lot of your valuable time to check back over all the videos. Takes lots of computer space as well.
  • On a smart phone: Not secure: An employee could be at the gym, the grocery store, etc and clock in. Do you really want to pay employees when they are not at work? That can't happen with Timeclock Guard.

Only a biometric fingerprint reader timeclock makes sure that the person clocking in and out is really who they are supposed to be.

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Timeclock Guard fingerprint reader


> We offer a very simple pricing plan. Simply pay a low quarterly management charge and then just a low monthly charge for any user who clocks in or out.

Get your FREE fingerprint reader on signup. Free Fingerprint Reader
Timeclock Guard

One Simple Price

$2 / month / per user.

$90 quarterly management portal charge.

FREE fingerprint reader on signup.

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