Is your timeclock management taking too much of your valuable time?

  • Eliminate Time Theft.
  • Manage your payroll easier.
  • On demand reporting of timeclock hours.
  • Management Dashboard puts power at your fingertips.
  • Clock your employees in or out from your phone.
  • View Hours by Group or Project

Timeclock Guard will help make your payroll processing and time management easier and more accurate.

Eliminate Time Theft

No Buddy Punching

Because the employee has to put their finger on the reader to clock In or Out there is no way a friend or co-worker can clock them in or out.

Manage your payroll easier

Just enter the date range and your clock report shows the numbers to put into your payroll system

On demand reporting of timeclock hours

Management Dashboard

Control your system anytime, anywhere.

Login from any internet device and manage all of your time and employees.

Clock in your employees from your phone.

You can manage your employee time clocks from any device.

Mobile Time Management allows you to be anywhere and still be able to manage your timeclock users.

View Hours by Group

Each user can be part of a Group (project, section, etc) and those hours can be viewed easily.

View Hours by Project

Each user select a project they are logging their time against.

Let Timclock Guard help you manage your timeclock data.

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