Frequently asked questions

There are no contracts. Cancel at anytime. The free fingerprint reader must be returned for a refund if canceled before 90 days.
At the first of each month we charge your credit card-on-file for the monthly per clock user charge for any that clocked in that month - once per month per employee. The quarterly management access charge is billed every 3 months and allows access to the Timeclock Guard management portal.
The Fingerprint Reader simply plugs into any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer that has an available USB port. The Timclockguard Task is downloaded from the Internet onto your computer and runs silently in the background.
All of the timeclock data goes into a secure central database location that is accessed via an internet connection. We charge a minimal fee on a quarterly basis to help us maintain that internet connection, backup your database, and ensure you can access your timeclock data when you need to. It is a very reasonable charge for all of the power and services we provide to make your timeclock management easy and accessable.
No-risk means you can cancel at anytime. If you are happy with TimeClock Guard you can pay the monthly fee per user and quarterly management access charge. Cancel at anytime and receive a refund for the unused portion of your payment. With Timeclock Guard you only pay once each month for any users that clocked in during the month.
No. Our pricing is based on usage during the month and we don't know what that is going to be over a whole year. Besides, our pay only for what you use pricing is much more cost effective than a yearly discount could be.